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I graduated from a diploma program last May and I have been working on a med surg floor since Aug. I am thinking about getting my BSN. Is it worth the money and time to get a BSN?


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I hope there are some posts regarding this, I start my RN-BSN in June at TWU. I will probably still get it but I am curious as well.:stone

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The real question is, do you want to take the chance that NOT getting your BSN will keep you from advancing in your profession? If nothing else, you will learn something of use right now. My employer pays $1/hour more to BSN nurses, so that was > $2000 year immediately.

My hosp does not pay any extra for BSN. And I am already 45yrs old not sure what I would do with a BSN.


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I just turned 41, and finished my RN-BSN program. I actually learned some things like management skills, and how to actually find usable resources. My hospital doesn't pay extra for it, but it is required for just about ANY promotion, especially if you work in a Magnet facility. I start my MSN Spring 2010!

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I have a BSN after graduating 31 years ago. I always knew that I wanted to go into an advanced management position. I was able to do this after years of experience and because of my BSN. So I would say that if you want to go into any type of management position, a BSN is the minimum that you will need.

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