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Hi! I read the thread on RN's that have gotten their Bachelor's degree and how you think they have more responsibility. I just want to add that where I work, there is no better pay for BSN versus an Associate's degree. I have been a nurse for 3 years and I am the second shift supervisor and right now the one nurse I can think of with a BSN is a regular staff nurse. I don't work weekends or holidays. I just have to carry a beeper once a month for a weekend. I would love to go back and get a higher degree. But where I work it doesn't matter. But I know I will eventually go back to school!

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Same here for most staff nurse positions on not getting more pay. I can say when I moved to this market after coming from a smaller one I heard over and over for positions in management outside the hospital though, that I had great experience but I needed a BS or MS to be competitive. I lost out on alot of jobs by not having one. I just finished my BS/MS dual degree program and am awaiting graduation.



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Congratulations! I wanted to try being a school nurse. I have seen quite a few jobs posted for that, but you have to have a BSN for that kind of job.

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