hi all! i am new to this site and im so glad there is a site like this! its so informative! but i have a few questions i need to ask. i am planning to apply at charity, so i am currently taking my pre-reqs. i have about 5 more classes to take, and will have time before i actually can start nursing school. see i have been trying to figure out timewise. charity spring 09 deadline is jan 31, i will be done with all my minimum by then. so hopefully ill get accepted and wait a year...that means ill have one semester free. but my goal is to obtain a msn, but i need to worry about bsn first. so what my question is, is, what courses should i take at the moment right now that can be credit and applied to my bsn? ive searched around and it seems like all the schools are slightly different. and second, what is a good rn-bsn school i should look into. i stay in the new orleans area. thanks yall!


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You may want to consider to get your Assoc.'s from Charity. Then get a year or such under your belt working somewhere- let them pick up the tab on your further education. I understand that LSU's RN to MSN program is great. If you fill out the form on their website, they will mail you a packet with info. I know a lot of people who have done this.

I would otherwise suggest that you consider which school that you want to attend and get the correct info from a counselor on what courses are transferable and what remaining courses you would need to take. Not all schools are the same (which is frustrating) as ex. if you transfer from Charity to LSU, you would need a microbiology lab class. -whereas to get into Charity as a pre-req you do not need that micro lab class..... So I think the more thought that goes into your decision making will benefit you in the long run...

Also, don't forget that in order to be considered at Charity- that you must have everything completed @ the Teas test, application is..etc... If you call Charity, they will mail you a small packet in the mail with all of the info in detail (more than what is on the website)

Hope this helps somewhat... good luck


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To simplify things, I think you should make a decision about which school you would like to get your BSN at and look at their courses and decide which additional courses you may need.


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thanks for the info! yeah, if i could turn all my paper in to charity right now i would! i only need to finish a p1 and im taking that for this december intersession! i have been trying to go around and look to see which schools is good. i want to go lsu, but ive heard they dont really teach you or help you unless you know an alumni there. i dont know, o well..but thanks again!

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