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Hello gang,

I have a question that Dr. Google has been unable to answer...

So I am looking for a BSN program either online or local (Miami, Fl) and I was wondering if all BSN programs require an AA degree as well.

I am at times resistant to things that don't make sense. Like why do I need an AA if I am working on a nursing career...

If anyone has any clarifications for this vexing question I would be most grateful.

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It is pretty confusing, but no, in most cases you don't need an AA to enter a BSN program. If you are not already an RN, you want to make sure you are looking for a BSN program, not an RN to BSN program. A RN to BSN program would be for someone who has already completed the clinical components in an AA or diploma program and is a licensed RN. The confusion comes from the fact that there are multiple pathways to becoming an RN: diploma, associates, BSN, and Masters programs can all qualify you to take the NCLEX.

Hope that helps!

Hi Hon,

So I appreciate your reply but at times I feel dense when it comes down to these collegiate things and the multiple choices that are out there.

To clarify I recently passed my Florida RN boards after about a decade as an LPN. So does this mean that since I currently have an AS i need to find a RN to BSN program?

A friend of mine went to the local community college and he had to finish up his credits for his AA in order to earn a BSN.

Also, I have been looking online for RN to BSN programs and from what I can gather it appears they also require AA credits...

Is that my mistake? Should I be looking for a straight BSN program?

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Yes, you'd want an RN to BSN program.

So you did an associates program to go from LPN to RN, correct? And I'm guessing you took all sorts of prerequisites - English, math, bio, anatomy, microbiology, etc. You can transfer the prerequisite and nursing credits into an RN to BSN program. Then you just need to finish any remaining prerequisites for the program you choose (possibly at a community college) and the BSN level nursing classes.

You may want to contact the RN to BSN programs you are interested in and have them do a transcript evaluation to see what credits transfer and what you need to take.

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