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Can anyone help me out with finding a RN to BSN program without a practicum or clinical requirement? Or at least a program where you don't have to set up your own practicum/clinical, or lets you use your current employer?

It seems like the majority of my cohort from nursing school has been struggling to finish their BSNs because they're having trouble finding places to let them do a practicum/clinical. The cited problem seems to be that said facilities are worried about potential HIPAA violations. The few that did find a place, were happy to share where they went but the facility would turn down others who made the request, or delay them on a waiting list (one girl was put on a two month waiting list). I really don't want to have to deal with this problem, and the idea of doing around and pleading with companies or facilities to pretty please let me spend a required number of hours with them isn't too appealing.

Thanks to anyone who can help or even just has ideas.

There are many available online! There are also traditional brick and mortar schools that offer 100% online as long as you hold an active unencumbered RN license and are currently employed as an RN. Work experience is what these schools consider as a part of your clinicals. Realistically, my opinion is that it's a matter of how fast you wanna complete the program, the cost, and what gets transferred in from your previous school (s). I would do some research and compare, they're all slightly different.

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