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I'm a pre-nursing student just starting out. In some ways, that makes me feel limited in the ways I can interact with vetern nurses since I don't have the experiences yet that we can bond over. But in at least one way, I'm feeling very lucky that this is the case.

I am going into the program with my end destination in mind. I have been giving my classes my utmost attention to ensure I stay as close to a 4.0 as possible (so far, so good) so that I'll make an appealing canidate for the nursing program I'm applying for. I know that I want to apply to Georgetown and UMB for their CRNA programs when I finish my BSN.

I've decided that to truly be competitive for these programs, I have to be able to get ICU experience in busier environments than my local New Mexico has to offer. So my plan is to move to MD after I recieve my ADN and complete the NCLEX. At this point my eggs are all in one basket in as much as I've only considered UMB for my RN to BSN bridge so I've been selecting classes that will help me with their requirements.

I've heard it's fairly hard to get into the program so I thought maybe I should have a back up plan, just in case. MD is a big state in terms of how many hospitals and colleges it offers. I was hoping that I might be able to get some other recommendations for schools that offer an RN to BSN program so that I can maybe make myself slightly more well rounded than the UMB wannabe I am right now.



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Hopkins also has an RN-to-BSN program. Even though I work there, I plan on going to UMB to save money. UMB has fewer credit requirements for working nurses and I hear that as long as your are an employed RN, it's not to difficult to get into the program...


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have u considered villa-julie/stevenson university?


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UMD is pretty generous with their RN-BSN program. If you carry yourself above a 3.0 and pass the NCLEX and are working in a local hospital-you're likely fine.

I think your plan to go to UMD is a good one if you're thinking CRNA down the road. I have heard that they like to keep students around for grad work, so that would also be a selling point on yoru RN-BSN application. Also, look into their partnerships with UMMC -University Maryland Medical Center. You can get a job there after graduation and take advantage of their tuition reimbursment programs.



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Thanks for the great suggestions. I lived in MD for 4 years until I moved in '06, but at that point I wasn't college bound so I didn't pay as much as attention to things like that as I could have and I'm kicking myself now. It's hard work to figure this kind of thing out 3 years and 2000 miles from here. I feel so lucky to be given this chance to get an education a little later in life that I want to plan out every detail to make sure I get it all "right".

I guess my next step is to contact the different colleges you guys have suggested and get some information sent to me so that I don't waste any electives on the things I'd take if it were up to me (I'd take nothing but creative writing and history courses if I were doing this for fun) and instead take things that will actually further my career goals. I'm not math or science minded by nature, but I can see now that "when in doubt, take biochemistry" is going to be my new motto.

I look forward to getting to know you better over the years and maybe I'll even get a chance to work with some of you in the future.


Thanks so much!

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UMD is pretty generous with their RN-BSN program. If you carry yourself above a 3.0 and pass the NCLEX and are working in a local hospital-you're likely fine.

Yes but sadly very stingy with the CLEP credits they will accept. :(

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