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RN-BSN: Online v. Campus. What recruiters want.


Hi everyone!

I found another topic about this, but it was from 2006/2008. I'd like to know how the current situation is.

Does it really make a difference whether you get the BSN online or in Campus? Also, do online BSN from cal states have a better resputation compared to Universities such as U. of Phoenix, Kaplan, and West Governors?

I did a little research, and I found these differences:


1- Less expensive.

2- More clinicals.

3- Lengthy (2yrs for campus; 3 yrs for online)

ONLINE u. OF Phoenix.

1- more expensive than Cal states.

2- Less clinicals than Cal states.

3- Time to complete: 1.5yrs (could be longer, depends on the student)

Online U. of Kaplan.

1- More expensive than Cal state, but less expensive than U of Phoenix.


3- Same time to complete as U. of Ph.

I know that, according to other threads I read, a BSN without clinicals is a waste of time, so Kaplan is out of the list. Now, I also read that U. of Phoenix is known throughout the country, and it could be a good choice.

One more thing. due to my work schedule, if I wanted to assist to Campus at the cal state, it would take me 3 years (same as online).

So, in terms of time, U of Phoenix wins, but in terms of money, cal state is the best option. The question is: Do recruiters prefer campus-based BSN over Online ones? Or today that doesn't matter anymore? Please feel free to recommend me any other options ;)


In the midwest at least they don't care as long as it's an accredited school and says BSN. Even the state university system RN-BSN programs here are basically ALL online except for one class.