RN to BSN online at UOP, on the fence! HELP!

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Hi all. I am considering the UOP RN to BSN online program and would like some input on those who are or have attended the online program. I am finding it difficult to get into my local State school. I am on the fence with the great availability but the cost with UOP.

ANY suggestions would be great!


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Hey there!

I have been attending UOPX online since last March. I have five more classes to finish my BSN, so will be done early next year as long as I don't take any breaks between now and then. I really like it, for everything except the price :( The academic advisors I have had didn't seem to know a lot about the nursing requirements/program, so that has been frustrating, but I have a really great advisor now who will go digging around for answers if she doesn't know. The clinicals are all something you can do in the community or online utilizing the "Neighborhood" basically, little stories about individuals and families which detail their health issues. For one of the classes we had to follow a family and obtain a history on them, but once we met with them a few times, it was really easy to do. I work full time so was worried about the clinical component, but it has not been so bad. The worst part is getting stuck in learning teams where some members are uncooperative, that's happened once so far...::knocks on wood:: Anyway, any other info I can give you, I would...just let me know if you have more specific questions. I hear Western Governor's Univesity is a good online program as well, and the cost is lower, especially since the cost is based on how quickly you can get through the material. I am thinking about doing my MS in Nursing Education thru there instead of UOP, based on the cost, anyway. At UOP you can just go through classes w/ no breaks, or you can take a break here and there. I took two and a half months off last winter after my grandma was ill and passed away and then a week off to go on vacation this spring, but now I am just plugging away trying to get done w/ it. :-) Good luck!


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