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I have recently finished my RN program at Carrington College and am working now. I am looking into online RN to BSN programs. I want to have my options open.

I looked into


-pros: some people have finished in 6-9months (although majority finish in a year),cost about 3,000+ per session, they have a MSN program, don't have discussion boards that you need to participate in, flexible with however fast or slow you want to go

-cons: I heard (not sure) their classes are pass/fail and if I want to pursue my MSN somewhere else, I will have a hard time finding somewhere that will accept me. Also heard (not sure) that the counselors try to slow you down so you don't finish as fast so they can make more money. When I applied for fafsa it showed they only have a 14% graduation rate


-pros: I get a discount because I went to Carrington (it's not that big though), higher graduation rates, people seem to do well in it.

-cons: price


-pros: not too many tests mainly papers

-cons: you can only take a class at a time in the beginning, not very well known

I also heard that some state schools like chico and butte accept Carrington Collegee credits , but I am not sure.

Anyone went to a online rn-bsn program

which one did you go to? about how much was it? how long did it take you? were you full time school/work? would you recommend it?

I remember my instructor said she got her RN in California then go her BSN from a school in Texas because it's supposedly cheaper there? Maybe something you can look at is taking a BSN from another state in terms of cost.

Buyer beware, BSN

Specializes in GENERAL. Has 40 years experience.

Just as a word of precaution although you can obviously make the decision you feel comfortable with.

Of the schools you have mentioned Chamberlain, GCU and WGU, the first two cited are for-profit schools. Besides being very expensive they are no great shakes either when it comes to graduation and retention rates and besides I don't like the idea of my education being driven first and foremost by the decisions made by a bunch of sushi engorging Wall Street types.

Go to (collwgescorecard.ed.gov) and you will see that WGU is well positioned tuition-wise in a sea of schools that are ravenous for new recruits that can't shake their trusting students down enough and as we speak are relentlessly trolling cyberspace looking to replace those left by the wayside all loaned up and without a degree with even more trusting souls.

Be careful with this and sign no arbitration agreements as you have already been through the "Carrington" experience first hand.

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