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Hi all!!

I was wondering if any RNs here have taken the BSN nursing program online. If so, where did you go and how was the program? Does it transfer to say another college if you wanted to pursue your master's? Thank you for all of your help!!!

I am taking a MSN program online and love it. To answer your questions you need to talk to 1) future employer as to their perception of online degree if it is from out of state school 2) state Board of Nursing to be sure the school is recognized by them. 3)any future school you may attend who will be considering a transcript from the online program. This website cannot answer your questions directly, because the answers depend on where you live and where the online program is located.

But if you want to know my perception of the program I am in---I like having ability to do work outside the classroom. My program is offered thru a local university and I know it is accredited. School can only be accredited by the state in which they are located, but out-of-state schools are often "recognized" by the Board. Good luck in your pursuit!


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Thanks purplemania

For answering my post, however you did everything but give me the answer I was looking for. I asked if anyone could tell me where they were going and what they liked about the online experience. I was looking for people who were doing the BSN program, I am not interested in a Masters program. But thanks anyway for your time.

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