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RN-BSN Online, 12 mos. w/o prior working experience


Does it exist? I'm beginning to feel like I may be asking a bit much here, but I am looking for an online program that I can complete in 12 months WITHOUT any prior work experience as an RN. I am looking to apply to a nurse residency program that makes it very clear that I must have no experience working in an RN capacity before acceptance.

Oh yes, and I'd love for it to be affordable, too!

I'm currently attempting to see if I can appeal to Western Governors University, who requires the work experience. If someone could shed some light as to why it is mandatory to have the field experience, it would help me to see the justification for the requirement, and what I would be up against by trying to appeal.

If I didn't hold so much stock in this nursing residency program, I'd just get the experience... but I wouldn't forgive myself if I passed this up. Please, if you has a school to suggest, drop me a link!

I need all the criteria, without compromise:

12 month completion


no RN experience required

I could bend on tuition.

Many thanks!!


The 12 month completion is going to be dependent on how many credits transfer, how many you need, and how many classes you take at the same time.

Most of the RN-BSN programs want you to be currently employed because some of the assignments will relate to your experiences. Yes, as a student you had experiences, but you may also be required to discuss issues with coworkers, managers and administrators. You may have to review how your institution does something and dissect how it could be done differently to improve patient care.

The fact you wish to be done in 12 months means your program will be fast-paced so working experience helps. Good luck to you!

Am I to assume you have an associates but need a BSN to get the residency position? Is this a guarantee?

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I am actually a second semester RN student, but summer is fast approaching and I would like to select a program now so that I can satisfy any needed pre-req's over these next two summers. I can do fast-paced, I'm motivated.

Thank you for the insight behind the program requirements, it makes sense that they would need the experience now that you put it in that context. I wish working under my LVN would be enough. I needed that loophole, and unfortunately, Western Governors won't give it to me. The residency program requires a BSN, and it's within my grasp, but definitely not a guarantee.

Any advice on schools to look up? Schools to avoid?