RN to BSN through Excelsior?


I am a newly licensed RN looking for any and all info, tips, suggestions, etc...from others who have experience with or knowledge of Excelsior's RN to BSN program. Before starting my 2-yr nursing school program I had gone to another school and did all my pre-reqs except for two classes required for that school's BSN program. I applied to that school and the one i just graduated from and got into the ADN program. How fast could I get my BSN through Excelsior, knowing I don't have but those two classes left (provided Excelsior takes all my pre-reqs and/or doesn't require others I may not have)? I've been to their website but am a little confused about the process. Any advice/knowledge is appreciated! :) TIA

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It would depend on how much credit EC would give you, and how many classes you'd need. The only way to really get that information is to apply and have your transcripts evaluated. Good luck!

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Thanks! :) I'll do that this week.