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Hello nursing world,

I was admitted into Cal State Dominguez Hill's RN-BSN program and my registration date is coming up. I was wondering what is the work load like and how many classes should I take during my first semester. I was planning on taking BSN 302, 306, 340. Is this a heavy load of units for my first semester. I was admitted into the online program if that makes a difference. Please let me know, thank you!


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Hi I just finished my BSN through CSUDH and I started off with three classes as well my first semester. I thought it was an ok workload but you will have to manage your time if you work full time as well. I liked the online experience because I could do work on my own time and pace but again you can't fall behind because it would be harder to catch up and most professors won't accept late work. I think you can definitely do three the first semester. I did 4 the second semester and was fine. Just depends on how well you can do manage your time to study, do your group work, papers, and work. My advice is to finish assignments early and try not to procrastinate which is easier said than done! Good LUCK!