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RN to BSN and career track

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Hi everyone,

I finished my ADN at Galen in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2011. I didn't find a position at a hospital, as most hospitals in my area at the time did not consider applications from new nurses unless they had a BSN.

Fast forward four years: I am working in developmental disabilities in Georgia, in an oversight role. I like this niche I've found, but I have become very specialized. I've decided it's time to broaden my horizons and find my way into hospital-based nursing.

I am considering BSN programs right now, on the assumption that a BSN is the only way I can be considered for such a position. Is it reasonable for me to assume that a BSN, a couple letters of recommendation, and a strong interview are enough to land me in a hospital?

In the long term, I am looking at travel nursing and nursing informatics as career paths.

Right now though, my priority is to have a strong application for gaining hospital experience. I appreciate any insight about the current job market for nurses who finish their BSN and whose job experience lies outside the hospital.

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I would think that the experience you have plus the BSN will help. I was a teacher and then worked as a HH aide and both of those counted as experience (in different ways obviously) that help me get a good job in a hospital with an ADN