Rn - BSN; is an accredited vs. none


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I applied to Delhi assuming they were accredited but they are not. No harm, no foul if I choose not to go since I haven't committed to anything yet but just wondering what the pros/cons are to an accredited vs. a non accredited program for an Rn - BSN. I'm going to be going for my masters at some point, so wondering if that non accredited will set me back in any way.

Any input/advice etc will be greatly appreciated!



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When seeking higher education, such as masters and above, it is usually required that previous education be from accredited institutions. Just make it easy on yourself and only consider attending accredited schools.


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Accredited is important when it comes to federal funding as well, schools without accreditation do not receive federal funding and the credits do not tend to transfer to other universities. Employers do care about accreditation, it means your school is in good standing with the government as well, it meets the requirements for curriculum and students will come out of those prgorams having the education employers need nursing students to have from the start.

Like the previous post stated: when it doubt choose accredited schools then no worries. Since some schools lose their accreditations after the fact it could make your degree worthless later which could be catastrophic.

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