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Good Morning

I'am the Husband of a RN-IP. My Wife took her RN Boards (In San Diego, Ca) on Wed, 11 Feb 2009.

The machine turned off at 93 questions. She is in the Certificated Program. Its been 16 days since the test

and no mail or postings on the BRN site. We are both nervous as to whats happening. Her Friends that took the test have recieved their results, some just days. I called, She called, and they refuse to give us any info. They did say it could take a month or so and that our Gov Arnold S has them off every 1st and 3rd Fridays to save the State Money.

I'm a Retired Police Officer now, but while she was in school and "The Program" I held down the Fort, Kids, Cooking and everything with even seeing her for over a year. We never hardly talked because sh was studying, at Collegr, or off to a out of town thing with her Class. Does anyone know how this test results work. We check thr BRN Online everyday for new posts, but "Nada" never her name. The freaky part is no mail from them.

Please set me straight on this as I'm so Nervous


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Unfortunately, it's impossible to predict if she passed by the number of questions she took. The only way to find out with CA is to wait until they notify you.

I know it's hard waiting. I'm sure your wife is thankful she has a supportive partner... but this is her thing. If you're that nervous, imagine how she feels! She is bound to feel that you're going to be very disappointed if she did not pass. She can always take it again if required.

Try to put it out of your mind and spend some well-deserved time together.


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Thank You Sir for your response

Your exactly right, this is her thing, Nursing. I will be a little disappointed if she didn't pass, thats normal, but like you said, she can always take it again in 45b days. Thats fine with me. Its her Peers and Supervisors that are making abig deal of it. The Hospital doesnt want to pay the big$$ for RN In Training Nurses. She was a LVN2.

Its just hard to believe why the BRN peeps are so secretive. They can offer some info such as"Your still in Processing" or something to soothe your interest.

Anyways..Thanks for the Reply

Have a Great Weekend and a Safe one


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