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RN/bachelors of science in midwifery to CNM?

by AshleyAnn123 AshleyAnn123 (New) New

If I have My RN, and bachelors of science in midwifery. Is there a program out there that will allow me to advance to a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree, certified nurse-midwife (CNMs) or certified midwife (CMs)? being an RN and having a BSM degree, how long will it take to become a certified midwife or nurse-midwife at a masters degree level? is such an upgrade available? the midwifery school that I want to go only teaches up to a bachelor's level, is it possable to advance to a masters level in midwifery at another school? thank you!

I believe that in the US the BSM is a degree unto itself and puts one in line for a CPM designation. I think. If so, not sure how many of those credits may transfer toward a regular BSN...whichi s what you would need (again..I think) to move forward into an RN to MSN program and put you inline for a DNP program.

Get it from the horses mouth!

I would look into several schools which award the ultimate degree you're interested in...then contact them with your transcripts and ask them what you need to do! :)