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Greetings fellow nurses,

I'm currently an ER nurse latly I've been thinking about joining the Air Force reserves. My question is that as of 2015 can I join as an officer because I have a BA or do I need my BSN, my plan is in a year and a half to start working on my nurse practitioner and the school I plan on attending will let me use my BA towards the ARNP, so I wasn't planning on getting a BSN. I'm going to contact the recruiter tomorrow. Any tips or advice would be very helpful.

I feel that through nursing and advanced practice nursing I can give something back to my county.


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As the recruiter will tell you, you need a BSN regardless of other bachelors degrees you hold. An MSN may waive the BSN requirement, but you should double check that. Just know that NPs in the military are required to have DNPs.