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Hi. I am a new grad as of May 9th. Can anyone tell me the turn around time for the Georgia Board of Nursing to process applications? I received notification yesterday that they had received my money order (which was with my application) so I was just wondering how long they take to process all the paperwork and send out the permission to test at Pearson Vue.



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Hey! I was just wondering you had heard anything about your test date yet. I'm still waiting for mine and getting worried since I graduated a month ago. And my application is still pending except for my application fee. Thanks!


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Hi. Sorry to hear you are still waiting. I rec'd my ATT on May 27th, took the exam on June 10th and my license posted on the GA BON on June 17th. I know that a good number of my classmates are still waiting too. Have you paid for your test on the pearson website? Some people have told me you have to do that before they will process your application... I do not know that for a fact. Some of them called and they were told it take 20-25 business days.

FYI: if you have not already done so you should check out the "pearson vue trick " thread on this forum. There is approx 180 pages of new grads the this worked for, me included. It just makes the two days of waiting after the test just barely tolerable until you get your offical scores.

Good Luck

Hi! I graduated May 7th. I was just 2 weeks ago I had to get fingerprinted and another background check and you can find that info on the GA BON website. I was fingerprinted and called today, and that is the only thing pending, but they received everything June 2nd....money and all. I thought it would be much faster than this......

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