does having a rn/adn give you any advanced placement for bsn school?


I'm thinking that my best option is to get a rn/adn from my local community college, and use my electives for classes such as chemistry and nutrition in case i want to get a bsn later.

If I did get a adn/rn first,, would that cut down on any classes that i would have to take to get a bsn? thanks.


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most BSN colleges will advance place an ADN, giving 33-35 credits for clinical segments of the ADN, and face value to other credits that may be pre-requisite or elective. most ADN programs will require either high school chemistry and biology with labs, or 100 level courses in each prior to clinicals. nutrition is a good filler elective.

you should find a community college that offers ADN and a partner BSN college and speak to admissions at both to find out exactly what the best case scenario is. in one case i know of a person who is going to graduate ADN with 90 credits, all taken at CC rates, and will have to finish the next 35 credits at the BSN school (35 minimium required on site). getting placement in an RN-BSN program is also an issue. there will be a limited number of slots available each year, so placement will generally be competitive. prolly need a 3.5 to admit.

once you know what you are up against in this scenario, look at online RN-BSN programs. they are cheaper and generally easier to qualify for and finish, and will have very similar standards, or be more lax.

in any case, be sure to attend only accredited schools.