RN acquired PTB at work..please Help me!

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Hi! I am Filipino Nurse and just got my texas RN License last month, am done with final interview in one of the biggest hospital in Texas and waiting for the result next week, I might be hire because of my experience as RN in the Philippines but even I was chosen I have fear of failing the Physical exam because I might be positive in TB test but I am sure I'll be negative in sputum exam.My question is, in my case could anyone here in Texas hospital could still hire me?..please help me.

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I can't speak for Tx, but many people have positive PPD, especially from places other than US or Europe.

This only shows exposure, not disease. If you've had one negative CXR, and are asymptomatic, I think you will be fine.

This has never been an issue anywhere that I've ever worked.

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thanks, I was previously treated with PTB in the philippines way back 2008 and now In active, I still have the scar in the lungs and it will appear in my chest xray permanently,.I am sure that I will be positive in my PPD test and Xray,.I had one last year, but my sputum culture are negative,.I am scared of not hiring me in the hospital.