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Riverside School - evenings & weekends

To those of you who have information regarding the evening and weekends program from Riverside, do you have some details to share? Is it every other weekend? What days per week? How many hours per week? Etc?



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Happy to say I did get accepted into Riverside RN program for Nights/Weekends.:yeah: It is two nights a week Tuesday and Thursdays from 6pm-10pm and every other weekend hours vary however I believe she says anywhere from 630am -700pm.Evening program takes 3 yrs if you are not an LPN and the Day program takes 2yrs. I hope this helps.:up:


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As taandoh said, 2 nights a week and every other weekend for 3 years if you are starting from scratch. That equals out to 6 semesters all told. 2 semesters per year evenings, 3 per year days. I've been accepted and will start in Jan 2010. Weekends are in their lab on campus for the first two semesters so you don't see any hospital time till the 2nd year or 3rd semester. As far as I know, they only start the evening program every January, so if you don't get in the next class you will wait a year. Not sure if its too late now, but I would be talking with them if you think its a viable option. Its pretty much the only game in town if you can't go to class during the day.

Here is a link to their school website, there is a link to the catalog in the middle of the page: http://www.riversideonline.com/rshc/


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