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Hello! Wondering if anyone applied to the Registered Nursing program that starts in August 2017? The deadline is May 30th I believe. What did you guys get on your TEAS exam? Do you know when we find out if we are accepted or not? I applied in April so the wait is killing me.

hey! i have applied!! Not too sure when we will figure out if were accepted or not. Im thinking we will know somewhere in the beginning of July! I'm super nervous haha.

I just have to take my teas test June 8th! Have you taken your teas test yet? what did you get?

I am really nervous too! I got a 78 on mine. I asked if they though I should retake it and she said she didn't think so. I am hoping it's enough to get me through lol!

YAY!!! Thats is awesome girl!! I am so nervous. Any advice on anything? I have been studying nonstop everyday for this test because I am freaking out. I've never taken a Teas test before so not too sure on what to expect. I am not a good test taker but i am trying to shoot for mid 80's and I am wishing for a 90 hahaha.

Thank you! And I really wanted an 80 but I am soooo bad at tests like this lol. It s so hard to study for anything and everything in four subjects. My advice would be that if you are freaking out about math, don't. I am horrible at math and got an 85 on that section. It's very basic. For reading know your directions like north, west.... for science you really have to know everything in that book. Focus on the hormones too and English was tough for me and I am usually pretty good there. Hope you get the score you're looking for!

It said that a 78 was advanced but I didn't feel like it was or should be lol. But I don't think many people who applied have gotten very high scores because it said that I did better than like 89% of who applied for the program

oh wow! If you did better than 89% of the people who applied I'm sure you will get in! That is seriously awesome! Im not too scared for math, i was at first but ive practiced so much its not bad at all. I am scared for english and reading. Not so much science because Ive seriously been trying to go over that and i keep getting like 77's and 80's and sometimes 60's on the practice tests that i take. My scores vary when i take them. Did you take any practice tests? If so, what were your scores compared to the teas? Im sorry im asking a billion questions haha.

That's okay! And I bought the online package from the ATI website. I got an 80 on Version A test and a 76 on Version B test. Most of the practice tests I found online were too easy in comparison to the actual test. I took the practice tests in the boook and got 70-80s on those. I really recommend the pocket prep app if you don't want to buy the online tests. Pocket prep is only 15 dollars and you can do it anywhere so it was a big help.

Yeah, I also bought the online practice test for A and B! I got a 79% on A and 67% on B. I thought B was harder! but when I retook them i got an 88% on A and 78 on B. I wasn't sure if it was because I remembered they were the right answers, or because I was studying. So I 'm kind of scared to see what I'm actually going to get. After I took the A and B test i found Teas Mastery and It's been a big help! I never really knew about pocket prep but Its awesome too! (i bought premium for both) so thank you for the insight on that!

I was also looking at previous Riverside RN applicants and they applied the same time as we did and they got their acceptance and rejection letters between June 12th - July 2nd. So we should probably find out somewhere around that time. AAHHH It's just so nerve-racking.

No problem! And I had the same dilemma I didn't know if I did well because I remembered or just retained more information. Yeah I talked to one of the admissions ladies and she said that they should have their decisions in the next couple of weeks! Good luck on your test! Let me know how you do!! :) Hopefully we will get in together!

Hey!! How did you do on your TEAS?! í ½í¹‚

Has anyone taken the faculty prepared test for the LPN-RN bridge program

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