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I have a dilemma and thought I would ask you guys opinion.

My husband has a some of his family flying in from the Philippines this weekend, most of them just went there a few weeks ago to visit. My mother in law is having a Easter/Welcome Home party on Sunday when they arrive. When I mentioned this to my parents they told me about their concerns about SARS especially since I have two small children (age 2 & 3). My aunt in the Philippines told my mom that she knows people who work in Hong Kong and live in the Philippines who have died from it.

I have not watched the news much lately (to busy studying) so I don't know much at all about it. Should I be concerned about having being around these family members just returning from the Philippines?


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Go to the CDC's website & "bone-up" on the symptoms of SARS. If any of your guests exhibit or develop these symptoms, bring them to the closest ED/ER ASAP.


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If the do have any symptoms I will definitely do that.

What my main concern is if they did not have any symptoms- could they of contracted it and not know yet? Does it take time to develop symptoms? What if someone on the plane had it, do they risk being infected?

I'm just so scared to have my kids around someone that may be sick and not even know it.


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From most of the info I have read incubation time is 10-14 days, befor symptoms show there nasty little heads. Please inform yourself. If you go to the search button and type in SARS there are many links. CDC also has links.

I would be very cautious if any one had contact with some one from China esp. the hot spots.

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