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I have an interview for a risk manager RN position soon. I've read the job description and so far it seems like something I would be interested in.... But I'm not finding a lot of info on here. I have a year of experience as an MDS Coordinator and had been hoping to get back into this position somewhere (I have spent a year working in cardiology - left MDS related to a move for husbands job), and then I saw the risk manager position. It would be in LTC. Does anyone have experience in this area? I am a little leary sine I don't have direct risk management experience... But I do enjoy reviewing data and looking for ways to improve charting/patient care. What worries me is being solely in charge of all the facility issues... Would everything fall on me or would the DON and ADON be involved as well?

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Did you have the interview yet? I too am interested in a position in RM. I'm not finding much as far as support groups or message boards for support.

I think RM would fall under the supervision of the administrator and not the DON. We've been looking for a RM/ SDC for a while and I've been filling in. One of my questions (when I finally give my intent to take the job) would be just that..."Who do I report to?" I assume the RM would then make suggestions, referals and then educate the nursing staff (SDC part of the job).