was it Right?


Hi, I wonder if what I did was right?

Here is the story: I was with a patient when the Ombudsman person come to talk to my patient. The lady start talking to the patient of her business with her. At this point I was still in the room and even though I didn't want to hear I did hear there conversation. (couldn't stop, I was still helping her putting my patients feet in bed) I asked if I could come back later, and the Ombudsman asked my patient, and she said " No its OK" so I continue doing what I was doing. And When the Ombudsman left, The DON come running into the room and start questioning me about what where they talking about, she wanted to hear everything from top to bottom... I was surprised, and confused by her questioning and Didn't know what to say. :confused: I finally told her "that I wasn't paying attention" and that I didn't hear any of their conversation... (I lied to her, cuz I did knew what they talked about.) But I don't think is right for me to tell my DON their conversation, because I feel like I will be violating the patients Rights... Is this right???

**Oh and my DON got really Mad at me and told me that "I SHOULD ALWAYS PAY ATTENTIONS OF WHAT THEY TALK..SPECIALLY WHEN IS THE OMBUDSMAN or the HEALTH DEPT SO I can tell them about it." then I say well I'm sorry I was too busy, and if you like you can asked the patient yourself...OMG!!! I shouldn't say this because SHE GOT REALLY MAD and UPSET at me....:eek:

I just wonder if I did right or not...


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Omg. I cannot picture my DON doing something so blatantly unprofessional. It may have been sassy of you to tell her she can ask the patient directly, but you did the right thing in not telling her. The patient gave you permission to be in the room but not to blab it all over the facility!


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DON sounds fishy. I wouldn't have said anything either.

Just curious, why was the ombudsman in the room while you were caring for the resident? Unless they have "nurse" somewhere in their title I never allow them in the room when I am with a resident (and even if the ombudsman was a nurse, I probably wouldn't let them in). I tell them they can come back in xx minutes when I am finished.

You didn't do anything wrong!! You were given consent to be present during a confidential interview, anything said in that conversation was between the patient and the Ombudsman. Quite frankly it was none of the DON's business, and you are NOT at liberty to repeat anything whatsoever that was said. You would be violating the patient's right to privacy if you blabbed anything to the DON, who sounds like she needs better people skills.

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Call me a skeptic but I believe you answered the DON spot on! The DON may have been testing your adherence to HIPAA.

If I were feeling particularly ballsy, I would have replied that the patient expressed concerns regarding his/her privacy and left it at that.