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  1. Hi I just had submitted my application for St Joseph's School of nursing, I was nervous submitting my application because I feel like my hesi scores and grades were not as good as others. How is their acceptance rate? And how long does it take for them to get back to you?
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  3. by   nicole1030
    St Joseph's School of nursing in Rhode Island
  4. by   agouin6
    My application was sent in January, but not "completed" due to references being late on sending in until first week of March- I found out I was accepted the last week of March! Another one of my classmates submitted application second week April and she just heard back today actually! So if you have not heard already, you should very soon! Good luck!
  5. by   MeghanR0123
    I just got my letter today! Is there a group or anything that has been started for new students?? I can't wait to get started!! Congrats to you agouin6 and good luck hearing back Nicole!
  6. by   agouin6
    Hello! Congrats to you too! No group as of yet, but myself and another classmate from our prereqs got in for the fall! I'm not sure how this site works but if it will let me post, my email is and my Facebook name is Ashlie Lynn! Orientation on June 6 will hopefully give us a good idea as to what we all need to do next to prepare!
  7. by   bri512
    I am accepted to start in the fall as well! I can't wait to here what we will need
  8. by   Maddy20
    Hi I just applied to St. Joes around the first week of hanuary and haven't heard back and got above everything I needed in my pre reqs and got all high 80s on my hesi but am currently enrolled in my last two which they said was fine and to still apply what did your acceptance letters look like where they in a big package or was it just a letter ?!