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Hi everyone - I have just had the very good fortune (at least I hope it's good fortune) to be accepted into CCRI's nursing program Flanagan day campus starting January 2012. I have some questions... Read More

  1. by   JIMMYP1224
    I received official letter today, they said next letter will be from nursing department about orientation. Nervous yay
  2. by   bigeyes4
    omg - I should get mine soon, then. Was it via regular mail or email? Thanks for the update!
  3. by   JIMMYP1224
    Regular mail
  4. by   bigeyes4
    Yay I got my official acceptance today too. However it was worded strangely, at least in my opinion. It said congratulations on your acceptance to nursing level l. I appled to the entire ADN program, not nursing level I alone - the LPN progoram. Do you think there is a mistake with this?

    I'd be anxious to hear what you or anyone else reading this, thinks of this.

  5. by   JIMMYP1224
    Level 1 is the first class you take wether it be lpn or rn. Mine says excepted to nursing level 1
  6. by   bigeyes4
    I just thought it was odd not to say the ADN program since that is ultimately my goal.
  7. by   JIMMYP1224
    Here is the deal from what I understand, you apply and get excepted you take nurseing 1,2 and 3 you can now sit for lpn test. Or you take 1,2 and if you qualify ie pass you then take 4,5 which are the and classes. ThAts what I understand it to be.
  8. by   bigeyes4
    Thanks. I was making it too complicated. I'll sit tight and wait for info re the orientation now. I've been reading one of the texts - one by Taylor -big fat thing - the book, that is.
  9. by   JIMMYP1224
    Lol accepted, not excepted. Man where is spell check