CNA training

  1. I am currently a nursing student at URI and I am looking for a CNA training program that I can do while still in school so that I will be able to work this summer. Does anyone know where I can go? Most of the places that I have called are full until September. Thanks.
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  3. by   Billy_baroo

    have you tried CCRI? they seem to have a continuous cycle of CNA classes. good luck.
  4. by   jennisa
    Try to look into sunday newspaper. Some nursing home offer free 6 weeks cna class. Have you start clinical yet? If you have a two clinical rotation, you can work as a nursing student at the hospital.
  5. by   chrisb72
    after 2 semester u can get hired as a sni at the hospital u are doing clinical at, just at the nurse manager
  6. by   rnstudent77
    Actually there is a nursing home located in South Kingstown, RI that will train you and employ you at the same time. They pay for you to get your license and the training is free. I am also a nursing student at URI and a CNA at this nursing home. It is called Scallop Shell Nursing Home and is on Kingstown Rd. You can call and speak with Denise Wilcox she'll help steer you in the right direction