Ccri Nursing acceptance fall 2013 - page 34

So i went to Crri on Feb 1 at around 9:00am to summit my application for the fall semester, this will be my second time, hopefully i get in!!! How many times did you applied before getting in?... Read More

  1. by   jazzy85
    Orientation tomorrow!! feels great after all this waiting
  2. by   ABDESSAMAD
    hey guys im done with my prerequisites at CCRI and my GPA IS AROUND 3.5 DO U THINK I HAVE CHANCES TO GET IN FOR THE FALL 2013??
  3. by   Ffranco
    Hi, I don't know! you better find out if there is any spots, it depends who applies when you apply also .
  4. by   V9611
    Hi!! Quick question.. Has anyone ever had a problem starting school/clinicals with a lifting limitation?? I recently hurt my back at work (herniated disk) and start school in September. The Ccri paperwork has the medical exam on the back, and the physician has to sign that you are able to participate with no limitations.. Just curious.. I'm sure ill be better with physical therapy by the time school starts.. But it's the "WHAT IF".. That scares me.
  5. by   eli25
    good luck to you all in this new process I just applied for the spring 2014. just wondering how was your first day of nursing class was it what you expected on your first day.
  6. by   nicollerenee29
    Hey I was wondering if you may have an answer for me (: . I'm taking anatomy now for the 2nd time to get a better grade and was hoping to apply for the program in feb 2014 .I won't have micro completed but ill be enrolled and ill have everything else completed including the TEAS .Ive heard I can put my application in without having micro completed .Does anyone know if this is true ??? Please help !!
  7. by   Alyssa615
    I was wondering how many points the ones who were accepted had when they applied!? I am waiting to hear from Lincoln's spring 2014 program! I'm nervous I had an A in English, dosage, micro, A- in Anatomy, B in health careers and B- in physiology! Applied with a 3.55 GPA the 5 extra points for the Accuplacer and 9 points for Teas
  8. by   Alyssa615
    How do you check degree eval?
  9. by   nicollerenee29
    If you log into your my ccri account and go to for students there's a section that says registration tools and there's a link for a degree evaluation