Ccri Nursing acceptance fall 2013 - page 3

So i went to Crri on Feb 1 at around 9:00am to summit my application for the fall semester, this will be my second time, hopefully i get in!!! How many times did you applied before getting in?... Read More

  1. by   kldepp08
    I am also glad to hear others saying the same thing. I am also hoping incomplete just means that "they" haven't finished entering things in! I know when I turned in my application, the person reviewed everything and said I was all set.... I'm not sure about what point range is chosen. Good luck to everyone!!
  2. by   Medic2RN
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  3. by   Pink777
    Where is that found?
  4. by   Ffranco
    I hope I get in I only have 111 points last time I didnt make it they reviewed my application up until the last day
  5. by   Pink777
    Ffranco. Did you check your application status?
  6. by   Ffranco
    Hi yes I did that , it says the same as yours like its not completed or anything right ? is that suppost to change or something ? I never saw that before
  7. by   Ffranco
    I am freaking out , I feel so anxious until I hear back from them , I hope I dont have to retake classes ! I am praying for a miracle to just get in this time
  8. by   Pink777
    You and me both! I called today, they said to ignore it. It will be implemented next round of applications. He said we should hear back by the end of the month and no later then two weeks in April. Mine said application preference: not entered. I was totally crazy. He eased my fears some.
  9. by   Pink777
    Also said: completed ready for review.
  10. by   Marcos-RI
    Ffranco... did you retake any classes or applied to a different campus this time?
  11. by   kldepp08
    Glad someone called today to check on all of our worries.... a big thanks from all of us. They pulled my degree eval again today, @ 5:20pm. While my application status still says incomplete, they have started entering my classes and grades in the requirements section, which wasn't there as of Friday, so I guess progress is good!! However, my GPA that they posted is off by 0.05 points, while I know that is not much, we all know that every little bit counts. I wonder if I should call to check on this???
  12. by   kldepp08
    I only ask about the GPA thing, because if they go based on the GPA they entered it drops me 10 points based on the points requirements.... HMMMMM
  13. by   lem12
    Pink777: thanks for calling- that is definitely reassuring!

    kldepp08:I would call on your GPA... 10 points is a big difference! Did you have any transfer classes? I know I had an English class transferred and it appeared as a "T" on my degree evaluation. When I talked to advising they said the nursing department would look into the transfer letter grade to adjust my GPA. I'm waiting to see if that's true or not...

    I still haven't had a degree evaluation pulled or applications status change! I think I need to stop checking- it's driving me crazy!