Ccri LPN program

  1. Hey just wondering if anyone else applied for the fall 2018 lpn program at CCRI?
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  3. by   Rachel2390
    I did!
  4. by   Kaylab22
    Cool !! Best of luck ! I'm wondering if it is going to be super competitive like the nursing program. How many points do you have if you don't mind me asking ? And do you know when in July should we expect an email ?
  5. by   Rachel2390
    I have 110.3 what about you? I'm wondering the same thing I have no idea what the competition will be like so I don't know what my chances are of getting in hopefully good but it could go either way lol I believe it takes about two weeks after the application period ends to hear back so probably around July 15th
  6. by   Kaylab22
    90 ! ahh you have a great advantage you have nothing to worry about I'm super nervous now ! Hopefully we both can get in
  7. by   Rachel2390
    Fingers crossed for both of us!! It could really go either way I think we both have a good chance! Keep me updated when we hear back!
  8. by   Kaylab22
    Thank you for your kind words bookmark this post <3
  9. by   nursymomma
    Hi I just got conditionally accepted has anyone else got in?
  10. by   Kaylab22
    I got a denial email on July 13
  11. by   Kaylab22
    But under pbhs it says pending