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Reviews of Nurse Residency Programs

I thought it would be a nice thread if people who have finished nurse residency programs can tell us what it was like and how they liked it and if they would recommend it. I always go back to old threads but people seem to stop posting after they get their jobs! I think it would be beneficial!

labordude, BSN, RN

Specializes in L&D, OBED, NICU, Lactation.

I did a nurse residency program when I was a new grad. It was the UHC/AACN model and had a great structure with defined goals as well as requiring the completion of an evidence-based project to "graduate" at the end of the first year. These residencies, when well designed and utilized, really do make a difference in transition from student to professional nursing as well as improve the first year turnover rate for new graduates.


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