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reviews for MDF stethoscopes


I am interested in ordering an MDF scope but was wondering about how good they are. Anybody have one?

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I bought one for nursing school, and thought it was good enough. Then one clinical day I needed it and had set it down who knows where and borrowed my nurses Littmann... no comparison!! For graduation I asked for a Littmann :) Hubby bought me a Littmann Cardio III, Love it!!!!

Thanks! I start the LPN progam in May and I need a good one but really cant afford a Littman right now

Maybe try a kila? I have a kila regular and cardio and also a Littmann classic and Littmann cardiology. The Littmann is better but the kila is pretty close. The regular kila is about $30.

You can sometimes also get deals on littmanns second hand from people who drop out of nursing. My friend bought a hardly used Littmann classic for $25.

Ive been watching ebay. Still checking my options

MDF is pretty basic but a lot better than some of the other stuff out there. I would recommend it for LPN school as you will only need it for BP, apical pulse, lung sounds, and listening to pts bowels. If your in the RN program or higher I wouldn't recommend as you need to hear and be able to make it sounds that I found hard to do with my MDF vs the Littmann.

I love my MDF! For the price I thought it was a pretty good stethoscope and at an LPN level, it works great.