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Returning Nursing Student.. Need advice


I was enrolled in a nursing program last fall and spring.. I had some difficulty getting through my first semester of fundamentals but I did it. I barely passed with a C. Second semester (last spring) I ended up not passing by a few points. I did well in my nursing labs, and in the clinical areas. I got great evaluations by my instructors. My downfall was the tests. I struggled alot with them. I tried study groups and I even studied with a nurse.

So here is my situation.. I am granted the chance to return to the program this January. I only had the one time to mess up and that will not be allowed again or I will be forced to leave the program for good. I want to know what are some of the best test taking tips that you guys have.. What are the best study techniques. At this point I am willing to try anything! I want to do the absolute best I can and I want to succeed at nursing school! HELP!!!!! :uhoh3:

At my school they offer a class where they teach you test taking skills and how to read a nursing textbook. I took the class and it was very helpful in preparing for my nursing program next year. I am not a nursing student yet, so I cannot help you, but in the class they taught us to read the question, look at answers and label the answers as either assessment, diagnose, planning, implementation, or evaluation. By doing that, you can figure out what the question is asking and find the best possible answer.

I don't know about your school, but you should go ask if they have test taking and reading class that help nursing students prepare for the program. good luck!

BeenThereDoneThat74, MSN, RN

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best piece of advice: do not memorize!! Do not flood your head with facts. Unless your program is asking knowledge based questions, your knowledge of the minutia will go to waste. Sure, you need to know your s/s, lab values, etc, but you also need to know what to do with that informtation, and what it means, how it will affect your patients. Think real life. Your questions will likely be focused on prioritizing (which pt do you tend to first, what is your first action, etc). This means you need to know whats important.

Do as many NCLEX questions as you can get your hands on. The more you see, the more you will get the hang of what concepts are important.

I was an A to B student , and never received a C in Nursing School.

Please consider these recommendations:

I studied on my own in the library, in a cubicle. Make it your home, as this is the only place where you can search for solitude.

Do not study in groups, as many distractions arise, or intermittent chatter only slows down your study rhythm. You need to find that.

Turn your cell to silent.

Do not keep track of time. When you are deeply involved, time flies by.

It seems that you are struggling! You need to put You 1st, because you face a great possibility of failing nursing school. Then what will you do? So put friends in the backburner. Reclaim your weekends to study. Work hard, play hard- but later.

Best wishes to you.

Thank you for the posts!! I feel as though I did not practice enough NCLEX style questions last semester. I am definitely going to do some everyday! I have to find what works for me and stick to it so I can succeed!