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Return from mat leave with only 6 months experience

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I am hoping someone out there can relate to me. I graduated only 1 1/2 years ago, however, after 6 months of practice I was off on maternity leave. I took the full year (am here in Canada) but have recently returned to work. I was on an adult medical floor, but thought after the year that I wanted to switch to post partum, which is something that I have always wanted to try. I started on my new unit this past week, however I am finding it so difficult and so hard after being off for a year. I find that I have trouble retaining information, I feel inadequate, I feel nervous and I am full of self doubt. I feel like a fraud. Has anyone else had difficulty after returning to work after an absence. My confidence is shaken and I am having trouble dealing with the transition.....I need the job though.......I feel like a scared nervous wreck.....any words of advice??? Thanks for the help...

I don't have any advice for you unfortunately because I am a new grad and just starting out. I was responding so that others would maybe reply to this post because I am pregnant and am due this September. I plan on taking a shortened maternity leave, like 6-8 weeks instead of 12 but I am nervous that I am going to forget all that I learn in orientation. I do have a job lined up and I will orient for six weeks and that will give me about 10 weeks off of orientation before I have my baby. Of course this is if my baby cooperates and goes til term, lol. I was hoping for any advice anyone would like to offer.

I am not trying to hyjack your posting btw!

Dont worry that is completely normal. I go through life feeling I am the dumbest person in history:imbar

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