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I find it interesting that the amount of graduate students increase each year and the number of active nurses don't. Why is this? Why did you retire or become inactive? I am looking for problems... Read More

  1. by   ittibittinurse
    I quit nursing for five years to care for my parents. During that process, I became ill myself, but soldiered on caring for them and for myself. I finally decided to go back to nursing. I finished by BSN and did a refresher course, which included all the time consuming JCAHO stuff etc. I started working on a medical/surgical stepdown unit. I really don't like it. I like taking care of the patients, but this facility does not staff appropriately. There is no acuity tool in place to help properly staff for some very sick patients. I have a hard time due to the number of patients in my care during my shift. I also have to contend with the two ****** nurses who do charge...if you want to call it that...they don't answer questions and they don't help the other nurses. I am an older nurse and have been a nurse for over 20 years. I have worked all over the country and worked in critical care units, stepdown units, and medical/surgical units. I am quitting nursing looking for another job because of the politics, the behavior of these charge nurses who know less clinical information than I. Tired of all the stress that goes with this nonsense....Makes me sad.
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