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  1. HI...
    So here goes...
    I moved to the US in 1994 with my husbands job. I am a RN and had spent most of my career as a senior emergency nurse. My children were 3 and 3 months when I arrived here.After a settling period of nine months I set about the task of getting my license to work in NY.After lots of correspondence and phone calls i was eventually granted the date to take my exam. Thinking it would be a breeze i booked a quick KAPLAN course and set the test for the end........ Well I FAILED IT!!!
    How could that be!!! Here I had been such a great nurse for so many years and had done all sorts of extra courses including the English National Board Accident and Emergency Course only a couple of years previously.
    I was so upset I foolishly decided to forget about it put it all on hold and focus on the children and staying home.
    Now her I am fourteen years later.
    My daughter is going to college next fall my son is a freshman and I have two more children ages 5 and 7.
    How the devil do I get back to the point of taking the exam again?
    College is looming and I now need to work.
    Will I have to go through the whole process of getting my transcripts from the UK or will they still be valid
    I want to take a back to nursing course at the local college but they wont let me take one without a license. It a bit of a tall order but is there anyone out there who can possibly give me some guidance I would be so so grateful
    Best wishes to all
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  3. by   neonatal3
    Hello focuszx5,

    Have you called the office of the Board of Nursing for the state of New York? The staff at that office should be able to advise you about how to pick back up in the process of being an R.N. from the UK who wants to obtain an R.N. license in the state of New York.

    I am sure you were a good nurse when you worked as an emergency nurse in the UK. Your experience working as an emergency room nurse probably means that you can keep a cool head when all heck breaks loose in a medical situation! Some medical facility or medical agency will probably be very glad to have you as a nursing employee after you have completed whatever the required steps are for you to obtain your New York R.N. license. Maybe you could work a non-nursing job while you are finishing any steps to obtain your R.N. license in the U.S.A.? Best wishes to you!
  4. by   Grace Oz
    I am unable to offer any guidance or advice, but I did want to wish you all the very best!