NY RN registration, lapsed 2 years!

  1. After losing an ageism law suit to Long Island Jewish Health and Hospital System, a massive stroke that left my mother in a classic case of "locked-in-Syndrome, and my wife 's promising career as a physician with the Kaiser Organization compromised by a diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin's disease, I stopped looking for a full time job as a nurse and resumed what I have been doing for over twenty years, private tutoring, all through studies as PhD student in Critical Theory and English Literature at UCI. However, I continued my real passion,nursing, by tutoring students in the four sciences needed to get into nursing programs, as well as standardized test prep and NCLEX prep, the much feared beast at the end of the nursing school regime. I presently live in California, where I continue to tutor Anat & Phys, microbiology, NCLEX, etc, but everyday I ask myself why I am not renewing my RN registration. Can you tell me how I can re-register and pursue my dream of working as an RN?
    In the interest of brevity, I forgot to mention that after passing NCLEX I sat out the year looking for work and tutoring full time to pay the bills. I wanted to bridge into the BSN program at Stony Brook on savings rather than borrowed cash. The following year I followed my fellow graduates into the Stony Brook BSN program. I became friendly with a former professor who was a professor there, a clinical director of nurse PhD candidates, the hardest working person I have ever met and a mentor of sorts who encouraged me. As a lifelong distance runner I did not seem to notice that running a 10K three times a week, assuming management of the rooming house I lived in, and continuing to tutor was a rather unsound health regime. In short I was blind to bouts of sleep deprivation and the like. In my own defense I can offer only a weak but honest defense. Withal, I was never happier, never more physically fit, and never more confident that the nursing course I saw myself on was good--and I dare to say--a form of transcendence. Oddly, for an intelligent fellow It never occurred to me to put my RN status into inactive mode until I finished school and started working on the books. On the other hand, I am sure that anyone who has ever run a marathon knows that one does not take on that race to come in first or even to absolutely finish. Distance running lets a person in on an important insight--that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. The open secret of a marathon is that loving one's powers of endurance and will is fraught with hubris and a fool's wealth of arrogance. However, it offers to this confirmed atheist a god otherwise absent. I run because I can. I still want to be an RN because I know I would be a good one.

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    Do I need to censor/edit my entry for text/chat speak. not sure what text/chat speak is. I thought I was writing narrative, the purpose of which was to elicit much-needed insight. Please advise.
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    Have you visited the New York Office of the Professions Online Registration Renewal & Professional Photo ID Card Requests page? Question 21 of the Questions & Answers Regarding Online Registration Renewal
    section might be helpful.

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    I have been trying to call NY from California, regarding renewal of my registration. I started at 5:30 am and hung in there until 8:30am when my phone died. When I tried to recall I got "there are no agents available today, try back tomorrow." Has this happened to anyone else? I wonder if it has anything to do with this government shutdown. This may put a dent in the paychecks of nursing home registry nurses, where most patients are reliant on social security payments for their stay..