My acute care interview today!!!

  1. Well, today I interviewed at an acute care hospital. I live in MA so it's not a "Boston" hospital, but it's the largest in my area. I met with the nurse recruiter and the med surge floor manager and was out the door by 9:30 (after arriving at 8am). At 10:30 a.m. I got a phone call and then an email- both from professional references stating that they had just gotten a call about me and would they recommend me for the position.
    I have been on pins and needles all day wanting my phone to ring and offer me the job!!! I felt SO positive about my interviews. I asked the recruiter if the hospital has hired a lot of nurses who are returning to practice and she said they typically don't - not because they aren't interested, but because they are one of the largest hospitals in the area they get a lot of applicants who are new grads and nurses who are currently in practice. She said my enthusiasm about returning to practice and my continued follow up about available positions, willingness to be flexible, etc. is what got me in the door. Hopefully it gets me the job!!!
    I'm excited that they called my references and also nervous that I'm psyching myself up for something they just routeinly do (that it means nothing).
    So I thought I'd share - anyone experiencing the same conflicted emotions or have an opinion??
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    Well, I'm late reading this post, but already know you got the job!!!


    Hope all goes well for you.
  4. by   NJRNMan
    There may be many nurses entering the field but I find so few that show an excitement and are a cut above...those few really stand out and are good for both the patient and staff. Good luck!!