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  1. I am trying to network with any nurses employed or looking for work in New York, that are excelsior grads, to get some feed back re employment. Or recent grads who are lic. and clocking the pavement in NEW YORK CITY, your experiences, thank you
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  3. by   JDougRN
    Hi there- I'm an Excelsior Grad, and am working in a hospital- how can I help you?
  4. by   sunrock
    I am a recent grad of excelsior with lic. in hand. Doors are being closed because hospitals are requiring 2 yrs. experience, acls, bls and every other S that you can think of. I have been an lpn for many years, with a lic. in hematology tech., worked hospitals, recently home care, ivs, vent pts., doing 6 yrs+, when they ask how many yrs. RN the answer is none, no one counts lpn experience, how do i get around this.
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  6. by   JDougRN
    I can't imagine any hospital in NY turning away graduates with their RN, no matter how it was obtained. I had no issues at all- In fact, before my general orientation was complete, they were already training me to do relief charge, because of my many years of LPN experience. I believe Excelsior is very stringent about what you have to know to graduate- To get through the clinical test portion, you have to be motivated as well as knowledgable. It is a very tough program, and you need to do it all yourself- nobody there to "hold your hand".
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  8. by   sunrock
    I am taking a course now, and have visited the nursing postings, i have not actually went to NYC yet, BUT i live in the state, and the requirements are 2 yrs. experience, ACLS, BLS, EKG, point being how do i get around the 2 yrs. HELP, that is all, 98% of the jobs posted asked for 2yrs.??????????
  9. by   JDougRN
    Quote from caffeineRx
    JDoug have you worked in NY or NYC?
    Nope- I work upstate in Utica, NY. TONS of jobs up here, and most of the positions get filled with new grads. It used to be that they insisted you have at least a year of med-surg before you could think about going to a specialty. Now they hire new grads without experience in OR, ICU/CCU, ER,Maternity, OPEN HEART UNIT....scarey!
    My floor is in the middle of a transition to a stepdown (IMCU) unit, and they added several full time positions. We have had less applicants than we have positions, so basically if you have a license and a pulse, you are in. I can't remember the last time they hired a nurse who had acute care experience. I have a feeling it is only going to get worse, with the nursing shortage. If NYC hospitals are refusing to hire Excelsior grads, their loss- There must be a lot of nurses looking for jobs, so they can be picky. If someone isn't getting hired because they are and Excelsior grad, perhaps they should see the pass rate for Excelsior grads on the NYS boards. I'm sure that info is available.
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  11. by   sunrock
    You understand, i have made $$$$$ calling my price, when others call in via agencies, more work than i could handle. Now it is grade point average, BSN, all of the "Ss", and other stuff i cannot post, you know what i mean. keep in touch i will post as soon as i start pounding the pavement. HUGS
  12. by   JDougRN
    CaffeineRX- COME ON UP!!!! It's beautiful up here! We just hired a girl from NYC, who is moving up here to get away from the city and take a job. The more the merrier! I'll be happy to introduce you to the wonders of "Cow tipping", and "Snipe hunting"- two things you just can't do in the city!
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  14. by   JDougRN
    Well, the hospital I work at is union- I believe it is the best paying of the hospitals in our area. Decent benefits, pay rat I believe starting out without experience is 22+ Shift differential.But the cost of living in much better here than in NYC. You can buy a VERY nice house for under 100k- most of the time for much less- We have HUD repo homes for under 20k that are nice- Look up real estate in Utica or Mohawk Valley, or Rome- you would be amazed. AND- they most certainly do hire Excelsior grads