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I live in CA and have been looking for an entry-level position as a Registered Nurse. I graduated 2yrs ago, passed NCLEX, but for personal reasons was unable to work right away. I then had my... Read More

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    Quote from dadda11o
    I was doing some of these things before this "recession" hit, so I'm sure the climate's a bit different, but...

    I found a nursing support group and attended regularly. As you get to know people and vice-versa, job opportunities make their way into the conversation. Plus, you meet a lot of great people and learn new ways to manage/defuse stress in nursing & life!
    Call a few places where you might be able to volunteer. I was working as a substitute teacher for a while (which can be a great non-nursing job; there are also regular paraprofessional jobs in many school districts) and wanted to do something different, so I cold-called the adult-ed department to express my interest, which led to informational interviews, some shadowing, volunteering, then subbing in ESL (which I loved!).

    Hope this sparks some ideas or opportunities!
    Good advice in entirety. Now as never before networking is essential for employment. I've gotten near all my work for the past ten years in knowing someone. It also gives you the BIG advantage of finding out
    the inside scoop about an organization or job so to help you skip the hellholes, revolving doors, crazy managers, and backstabbing coworkers.

    PS - I'd only add If you don't have a linked in profile make one. It's much much more important than facebook, truly. Nurses need to use it more. It's your place to advertise your skills and sell yourself and experience.