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Retaking Microbiology but received no credit

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Hello. I am applying to mercy college ABSN program in Bronx, New York. I was told by there admission office that there is a issue with my microbiology class that I had retaken but received no credit for since my previous  school had a policy where if you passed a class already but retook the class again, you won’t get credit for retaking it not will it count towards your GPA. I taken microbiology back in 2016 and got a C- but retook it back in 2018 and received a B+. I explained to mercy college regarding my previous school’s policy and it even says the amount of credits I attempted on my transcript and it is noted that I was not given credit for the microbiology class on the transcript. However, mercy college said I need to sort this out with my old school. So my question is, has anyone experienced this while applying to nursing schools? I’m waiting to a chance to go up to my previous school and see what they can do regarding this. So far no other schools had given me no issue about microbiology and are able to accept my grade.

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