Retaking Anatomy Course from 6 years ago at a Community College



I have one more semester left to finish up my ADN at a local CC (currently an LVN working in med/surg with good references and a good shot at landing an ICU position in the same hospital right away), I'm trying to bring up my overall GPA by retaking a couple of courses that I didn't do very well in my freshmen year at an expensive private christian university: Anatomy- C+, Religion class on the New Testament of the Bible- D (took the final hungover, and the instructor was aware). I had too much fun, and really wasn't sure if school was for me at that age. The Religion course has hours that are very accessible to working adults, and should be a piece of cake to retake and do well in since I'm a dedicated student now. However, the anatomy course at this school is 5 days/week, 1hr/day with lab twice a week. Very inaccessible.

Would an admissions committee look down on my application if I retook the anatomy course at a community college?

Current overall GPA is 3.1, and getting A's in these courses would boost me up to about a 3.3. If I retook the course at a JC I would have around a 3.2 (and would save about 3k). I figure if I can earn a 4.0 on my BSN, get > 1000 on the GRE, and get my CCRN, I would have a fighting chance (easier said than done, I know). I've already shadowed a CRNA, and can use him, and an MDA who has some pull at my school of choice as references.

Any thoughts?


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I personally don't believe so, however, i'm not certain. Either way im signed up to retake A+P 1 and 2 here in September at a community college. Crossing my fingers...

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no it doesn't matter if u go to cc-same class as at university, they are all undergrad sciences. save money!


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I agree with the prior posts. I re-took a few classes at a CC and no one ever mentioned anything negative. I would save the 3K!