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I am writing for some more acumen regarding minute clinics. I graduated a year ago and took the first position offered- at a very specialized clinic in which the physician who runs it has been in trouble with the medical board/ insurance companies in the past. I put it aside out of desperation and now am leaving (turns out our clinic is very controversial and I don't want my name associated with it- long story!) with an offer for a retail clinic. I know the current critiques of them but in this area, and I can not find a primary care or family practice and this is the closest thing to what I feel I was educated to do as an FNP. I also just purchased my first home and this is within walking distance of it. I teach part time at a local university and the hours are conducive to my teaching, so seems a no brainer right? I'm just nervous because I was burned by my very first position and now am learning the hard way to seriously consider a job before accepting! Thank you!

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All I can do is speak from the patient POV, because I am not yet an FNP...

I really like going to the "Minute Clinics", as you put it, for the sheer convenience of them... When I finishing my paperwork for nursing school, I had a few things left to do, like getting my PPD, physical, and MMR. I could have gone to the local health clinic, but since my fiance is a pharmacist at a retail pharmacy with a clinic in it, I decided to go up and make my appointment.

As I was filling out the appointment info, the FNP walked out and smiled at me, and asked if I needed help. I told her what I was doing, and she said she could squeeze me in right then and there. It was so nice, and she was super sweet (I want to be like her when I grow up, like, SERIOUSLY. SUCH A NICE WOMAN!!!!!!) Yeah, it was a little more expensive ($180 for all of the procedures) but I will go back to her in a heartbeat.

Hope this helps to reignite some of the fire you lost.


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Whoa you paid $180 for that, I got a physical for $20 and my work covered my PPD and immunizations. But I guess your paying for the greeting and smile, seems a bit inflated though.

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Whoa you paid $180 for that' date=' I got a physical for $20 and my work covered my PPD and immunizations. But I guess your paying for the greeting and smile, seems a bit inflated though.[/quote']

I had to get it done for school, no one would pay for it for me, unfortunately. And I would rather pay $50 more to be seen by an FNP in a clean, slow place, than go to the health department and wait for 4 hours with screaming children and parents, just to be seen by an LPN and then have to come back the next day and hope to be seen by the RN (you can't make appointments, it's first come, first serve, unless someone is sicker than you).


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Working at a retail clinic you will only see a small amount of conditions. It's great for picking up a few extra hours, but might be tougher if you work it full time for it long time and then try to get out into a more diverse practice.