Resurrection University vs DePaul MENP


I have been accepted to DePaul's MENP program for the winter quarter as well as Resurrection University's ABSN beginning this fall. Resurrection U is located about 5 blocks from me and is an evening/weekend program, so I won't have to quit my nannying job. Getting to DePaul would take me about an hour, so I would need to move, and I don't get to start until January unless they bump me off the waiting list. But I love the idea of getting a generalist masters, since I do plan on continuing my education.

Does anyone in the Chicago are have advice on these two programs? Are DePaul grads snatched up for jobs pretty quickly because of the school's reputation, or would I be better off attending a program like Resurrection's, which is affiliated with a healthcare system?

I have found a lot of info on DePaul, but not heard much from graduates of the program as far as their luck with finding a position. Resurrection Healthcare hires about 60% of their graduates. If they don't hire me, it might be difficult to find a job elsewhere. I have to make this decision by Monday and my husband is sick of hearing about it, so any advice would be so helpful!