Resume? What kind of Resume?


okay guy's, when i was faced with this question i knew i could come here and get my answer.

i am a new grad, and i'm applying for a job online at some local hospitals, and i need a resume. so, what kind of resume do i need to make? should it have all of my previous job experiences even if it's not nursing? should it have all of my clinical experiences? do i need to formulate a skills list of things i have done and practiced in clinical?

please help me! i know i can always count on y'all. :specs:

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I suggest you do several.You always need to tailor a resume to the job you are applying for.They will not be interested in a whole heap of unrelated things that have nothing to do with the job.However if you have done things that show you have leadership,initiative etc include them in. I have three resumes.One has everything on it from a personal statement down to hobbies and interests.One just has my nursing career on it,and one has skills and personal achievements. If I am tailoring it for a job I take off the bits I need .Hope that helps.

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