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I was recently accepted into an RN to BSN program through one of my areas top notched university/teaching hospital. I wont start until September. I am applying for a new job. I have been at my current job just 2 1/2 weeks shy of 1 year and have yet to have a full time position there (I am on-call) and it is time for me to move on. My question is, do I put this school under my education even though I haven't started classes yet? It is a place with a great reputation and notoriety.


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I'd say yes....just show your expected completion date and maybe note that you've been accepted.

If I were an employer, I'd want to know this information.

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absolutely! i would, on my resume, i have dates listed underneath each educational institution. so i would word it something like this:



Fall 2011-present

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hate to be cranky about this, but it's "top-notch," and "notoriety" has a negative connotation: origin:

1585-95; notorious + -etās, variant (after -i- ) of -ity


1. disrepute, ill-repute, shame, infamy.

(john wayne was famous; john wayne gacy was notorious. john wayne had an enormous body of film work; john wayne gacy's work was of unimaginable enormity.)

returning to your question: you can't put it in your resume if you haven't actually done it yet, but you can mention in your accompanying cover letter that you have been accepted into the rn-to-bsn program at abc university and will start classes in september 2011.