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Resume for Nursing School Interview?

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Hi all,

Wondering if bringing a portfolio with copies of my resume, cover letter, etc would be appropriate and/or expected for a nursing school interview? Also, since the interview is focused on gaining entrance to a nursing program, should the resume focus only on academic pursuits up until this point or should it include any professional experience, despite not having a lot of work experience up until now?

Would you also bring copies of transcripts, etc or should one assume that the nursing school would have all that information already at their fingertips?


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I'm not sure about anybody else, but I have never been asked to bring anything to a nursing school interview besides myself, my ID, and some programs might have you bring the interview confirmation letter.

I would say don't bring anything unless they specifically ask you to.  You may want to bring a pen with some post it notes just in case (tuck it away in a pocket or purse).

Probably the best thing for you to do is reach out to the school and ask them if they need any of this just to be sure.  But I have never had to bring any extra stuff like what you mentioned.  Perhaps a PhD program might ask for something like this?

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