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Hi all,

I am working on updatig my resume! i have been at my first RN job for almost a year and want to make the description pop, but i am struggling! I work on an eating disorder unit in a psych hospital. I have come up with: develop and improve coping strategies, assess and attend to psychological and emotional needs and integrate patient and families goals into treatment plan to provide patient and family centered care. I dont really like any of the ones i have come up with. Does anyone have any ideas?


If you belong to any hospital or unit committees, those would be great, especially if you can cite specific accomplishments. As you gain more experience and orient to other roles like charge nurse or preceptor, you'll have more to include.

Be more specific about your type of population i.e. clients with eating disorders. Or specific type of patients like patients with anorexia and bulimia. What kind of doctors or team members you worked with etc.

Thank yous for the feedback! It really helped! :cool:

I actually think I am ok, but I am always open to words of wisdom! :)

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